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Adam started pulling at 17

"I had a really poor self image."
"Taming the Trich monster IS possible."
Karen from Coaching
"Thanks to this site, I have a life but I don't see my parents any more."
Bad relationship with parents

I've been pulling hair from everywhere since I was about seventeen. I was a very shy kid and my behavioral problems were more out of confusion than naughtiness.

I had a really bad relationship with my dad and as a result I had a really poor self image. My brother left home when I was fifteen and I never saw him again.

I had hit rock bottom when I bought the Neovision Growth CD and I played it from time to time, managed to get a couple of pull free days, but then nothing. It wasn't until my flatmate read the box and said "You're meant to play it every day for 30 days", that I played it continuously throughout the night for a month and it worked.

I'm pull free now. If I ever want to start pulling again, which maybe happens every six months or so, I just play the CD again for a month and it's all ok.

Thanks to this site, I have a life but I don't see my parents any more.


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