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Robin is only 9 years old

"I did it for months without mom knowing it."
"Taming the Trich monster is possible."
Karen from Coaching
"My bald spot is almost gone!"
Learning her way through trichotillomania


My name is Robin Hart I`m 9 years old .

The reason I started pulling my hair out is when I quit chewing my nails for the first time when I was in bed. The next morning I needed to do something whith my hands so, naturally I started pulling out my hair.

I did it for months without mom knowing it. That was my big mistake! Then I told mom when I started to feel guilty. It was a BIG shock for her. Then I stopped for twenty something days then I started pulling again!

Later in the year when it was almost the end of my dad`s 47th birthday my grandma noticed a little bald spot on the top of my head! But that was then this is now and now my bald spot is almost gone!


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