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Q. Why do I pull my hair out?

There's no need to be ashamed of having a problem. Everyone has something they do when things get too much, or even just when bored.

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People pull out their hair because they have this disorder called trichotillomania. 80% of trichsters report an itch-like urge to pull and there may well be a cause similar to folliculitis (inflammation of the hair root) or an irritation to the very natural and normal skin yeast, Malassezia. There are usually, however, substantial emotional issues which may preceed the irritation and benefit from analysis.

Trichotillomania typically begins at puberty, when the stress hormones and skin oils which exacerbate Malassezia are at their highest. There is no doubt that stress triggers trichsters to pull more, so developing strong stress responses does help in controlling the urges. A sophisticated blend of skills, needs to be balanced to reach full recovery.

Some regular visitors to this site have had trichotillomania for a number of years and have successfully balanced all the information gleaned here, to achieve pull free status, permanently.

For trichsters, the pulling brings relief and is not at all painful. It is generally felt to be soothing. Most report feelings of guilt and shame surrounding their hair pulling.



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