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What next?

I've just discovered my daughter is pulling her hair out. Now that I know it is a medical condition, should I rush her straight to the doctor?

Most doctors are not knowledgeable on Trichotillomania and even experts often advocate medication which may make symptoms worse. It is probably best to speak to your doctor, but to refuse medication.

Diet, distraction and reward are the best answers we've found.

Attention difficulties may be symptoms of Trichotillomania, but are often diagnosed separately.

Most of the major medical and psychiatric journals contain misinformation about trichotillomania and advocate the use of medications which can be harmful to tricsters.

The symptoms of Trichotillomania sometimes include one or more of the following:

Organizational difficulties, such as forgetting homework or items which should be taken to school.
Attention deficit, behavioural problems and distress with boredom
obsessions and mood swings which are often misdiagnosed as anxiety or manic depression.
Hyper-sensitivity to most things, including noise, emotion, food, medicines and hormonal changes.
Insomnia, nightmares and/or night worryings
Problems getting over something which previously upset them.

Some professionals diagnose symptoms separately as, for instance, social anxiety disorder or depression.

We do not recommend any medication for Trichotillomania. Our studies of over five thousand people who have been medicated for Trichotillomania reveal that no one has stopped pulling through medication alone, and that 83% of those medicated were made worse. Anti-depressants and SSRIs do not work for Trichotillomania because serotonin is not in short supply, it is the mind's reaction to it which is chemically reactive.


Your child could find comfort in our hypnotherapy CD to help hair and lash pullers.
Or use our paced coaching program to assist with your understanding of the disorder and hopefully help your child stop pulling at the same time.

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