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Parent Pitfalls To Avoid

Principal pitfalls for parents ... things to avoid if you don't want that quick-sand sinking feeling!

Stay calm when you see your child pulling or picking: shouting increases urges to pull. It is natural to feel angry when you see someone hurting your child, but anger comes from sadness, and it is ok to be sad that your child has Trichotillomania. Thankfully, we can help..
No one is to blame; it is nobody's fault, not yours and not your child's and not the school's. Your child may complain of bullying, but this may be due to sensitivity levels associated with the disorder. Listen, nod, hug, but don't judge.
The child is being punished enough without being punished for pulling.
Try not to be angry about fibs or lies, which sometimes go alongside childhood BFRBs; this may be caused by limited impulse control. Your child may worry that the truth is intolerable, or be more inclined to say things that people want to hear. There are hormonal and chemical causes; your child is not deliberately being dishonest. Lying may become a lot worse in puberty, but generally subsides in adulthood.

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We coach parents to coach children to pull freedom; using a whole family approach, just call TJ on 07910 114739 if you are in the UK or use our Contact form to ask for more details.

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