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Small Children With Trichotillomania

Studies have shown that the younger the child, the more likely he or she is to grow beyond the pulling behaviour.

Cultivate an interest in cookery, or other hands-on, active pursuits.

Keep some play dough or silly putty around and play with it yourself.

Anything YOU are doing with your hands, your child will want to mimic.

Encourage outdoor activities, sports etc.

There's an interactive section of the site, which families can enjoy and use together.

How Caillin's parents helped her overcome her pulling.

Lots of children can stay pull free by diet alone.

Changing layouts of rooms can help … keeping things in motion. Most trichsters don't like to be still … they're not likely to enjoy watching films so much and if you do watch them, make sure to have frequent breaks.

Hypnotherapy is very effective with children, and many reputable hypnotherapists would be willing to assist with the parents' permission. Take a good book with you and stay in the room with the child unless he or she asks you to leave.