Trichnotherapy operates entirely online, has a track history going back to 1996 and must surely be the only trichotillomania treatment with over a 98% success rate.

The Neovision Trichnotherapy Online Therapy program was founded by Neo (herself an ex puller) in 1997; it took a further three years to perfect and from Neomie conducting all the work herself, the team has expanded.

Trichnotherapy can be the vehicle which transports you comfortably to that place of peace where you can, in your own time, launch off in your own direction to fulfil even greater goals than freedom from pulling.

This is not just about pull freedom, it is about free thinking, which is why your coach simply acts as a mentor, with you providing the potency in ideas of your own.

Millions of hairs and hours saved for hundreds of people.

You don't have to wonder what qualities are needed to create your freedom, you can simply sign up and see.

The current success rate is over 98% for those who have completed the program and continue to maintain their records, some of whom are four years pull free.

Choose between the Intensive and the more leisurely PACED Programs and get started now.