A friendly guide to freedom from BFRBs. We've been where you are now and found our freedom. The most advanced level of coaching care: someone who understands picking and pulling, from the inside, OUT.
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Coaching you to where YOU want to be : BFRB Free!

Many people with BFRBs, over analyse. Lets make the decision making process as easy as possible, to avoid this becoming an excuse not to select a coaching package.

If you are still undecided after reading this page, please opt for the single session. This will be a good commitment to yourself, to show you really want to put BFRBs behind you.

Do you want to move fast and have just 40 days of intensive online coaching or would you prefer a more relaxed pace, lasting a year?

The Intensive Program has slightly better results, statistically, suiting those with flexible working hours, students during vacation time or anyone who is keen to make swift progress.

Someone who works full time will probably only have time for the paced program, unless they want to take two weeks holiday to stop hair pulling. The first two weeks of the intensive program will probably require an hour a day, but within the latter part you could get away with working full time.

We recommend the paced program for children (coaching works for children from 3 years old)

We also recommend the paced program for females under 30.

That feeling of being alone? A thing of the past. A mutual journey to safety, with your personal mentor encouraging, enticing you with rewards and coaxing you with comfortable goals.

And talking of comfort, you can do all this on the internet in the comfort of your home. You'll practice proven techniques for reducing urges, exercise new skills which we will share with you for overcoming disorder and download audio files as rewards, enhancing your self belief and helping you integrate and inter-relate in a vibrant, more confident manner.

Taste the freedom and the feeling of the wind in your hair, while confidently making eye contact.

Book your online coaching course now. You too can be pull free.

Do you sometimes want to pick, while part of you wants your pick freedom?

Your coach acts as a peacemaker and helps unite you in your quest to become pick free;

Skillfully & effectively identifying, reconciling the dualities in the mind.

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