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Trichotillomania: Information for Health Professionals

Welcome to the section of our website dedicated to health professionals. Whether you are treating someone with a body focused repetitive behaviour (BFRB) or are looking for information to share with your healthcare provider, we hope you'll find everything you need via the links below. If you have any questions after reading, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

After speaking with a health care professional about their BFRBs, our users often report being misunderstood. Recently a sixteen year old was told to "Get a teddy and pick at that." If you don't know what advice to offer, listening is best.

Some people report that it helps to hear that "It is ok to pull your hair out."

As a professional, it is also ok for you to admit that you just don't know.

Information about Hair Pulling for Health Professionals

Diagnosis of Trichotillomania

Discussing Trichotillomania Sensitively With a Patient

Treatment Options

Medication Options

Suggestions You Can Give Your Patient