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Eyelash and Eyebrow Pulling

Eyelash and eyebrow pulling is much more common than we realised. Initially it was thought that Trichotillomania affected mainly scalp pullers, but our research of over 33,000 trichsters has shown that eyelash pulling is the most prevalent. 73% of trichsters pull from their eyelashes, 72% from eyebrows and 27% from scalp. One reason these figures are so much higher is because many scalp pullers also pull from their lashes and brows, but there are many lash and brow pullers who don't pull from their scalp.

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"How can I stop pulling my eyelashes out?" Tanya asks. "I'm tired of reading pages of information about Trichotillomania, I just want a simple solution."

Here are our quick tips for lash and brow pullers:

1. Stay away from mirrors as much as possible. Try to avoid eye contact with yourself in the mirror.

2. Practice some form of relaxation or meditation.

3. Avoid nicotine, caffeine, alcohol (as much as possible!) and sugar.

4. Spread Vaseline or olive oil very thinly on your eyelashes and brows in the morning and after lunch. This has the added attraction of reflecting the light from your face and is in fact a make-up trick used by the stars!

Read lash & brow puller experiences, more about make-up & cover-up, tips to prevent pulling from the eye area.

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