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Support For Male Hair Pullers

Trichotillomania is thought to affect around 1.5% of males, but we don't see enough men here! Help us make this a more male-friendly environment by posting your presence more on the forums. We also have a specific forum to help with beard pulling. If you'd like to send us your story we'll post it up to help other male pullers realise they are not alone.

Read these personal experiences of men with trich:

Adam's story

Mike's story

Jason's Story

"I wanted to record a video message to explain how this service has given me clearer skin and a better quality of life. My wife asked me not to do the video message and I have to respect her wishes, so I am writing instead. E-mailing someone I have never met, telling them my problems and getting a clearer perspective really did translate into a clearer perspective and clearer skin, long-term. One year later, life feels easier to face." -Chris

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Men With Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania affects all sectors of the community. About one fifth of our members, across all age groups, are male. We have a lively group of inspirational and supportive men, and partners of trichsters willing to offer support.

The principal players on the Men's Team


reached the end of his first year pull-free, and described himself as one year old on Sunday, 9th June 2013. He is keen to offer support to others, so look out for his future news.


I'm a firefighter and I've seen some ghastly sights which in the past led me to go home and pull my hair, beard and eyelashes in a frenzied attack on myself. I haven't pulled for over a year and two months now, with Neo's help, I remind myself that I've been through hell and not only survived but helped others survive also. If I could do that while pulling, I can do anything." Jason, pull free through Trichnotherapy - update, Jason has now been pull free for over eight years

Since Trichnotherapy he has met and married the lovely Leeza and their daughter is now at school! All three are avid fans of Star Trek.


He's from Scotland and as one of our valued design team, he created Trichnowiz, who casts his spell to wish you well.

Baz is a father of four who enjoys caravanning and supporting other tricsters.

Nick's originally from Zambia and is currently studying medicine.