Tricho­tillo­mania Support Online

Motivation To Be Pull Free

Think of yourself one year from now. Imagine how good it will feel to be pull free and know you have conquered your greatest challenge. Think how much time you've regained, no longer searching for hairs or trying to hide damage. No more time spent beating yourself up. Now you are truly free!

One year from now that can be you...if you start urge surfing now. If not now, then when? How many more years are you prepared to give up to Trichotillomania?

Get really clear about what you want. Visualise it and act as if you believe that it could happen for you. Know your motivation - what do you most want? What will it bring you? Hold tight to your dream, visualise it, feel it, and draw it closer by taking the action.

One moment's inspiration can positively change your life forever!

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If you feel you need more personal support we offer online coaching designed to help you be pull free