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If your child is pulling their hair out, you've come to the right place

Let's talk about you for a moment... You may be feeling overwhelmed and worried. You may have just found out that your child has trichotillomania, or you might have known for a while. Your child may even be an adult now, but still needs your support. Whatever their age, it is not just about the child... you need nurturing too. One thing you and your child probably share is that feeling of guilt... let's use that as a stepping stone to communication and growth.

Most importantly, are you getting enough sleep? People with trichotillomania often have sleep problems and this can put a strain on the rest of the family. Read our article on Trichotillomania and Tiredness.

Reading other people's experiences can be distressing, particularly for parents. Some people do struggle against hair pulling for decades and their stories are the most widely told, because those who have recovered don't need to write about it. Many children simply "grow out of it", while others are helped to stop pulling. There is every reason to believe your child can get better.

When you talk about how you feel, not only will you start to feel better, but you'll be giving your child a positive role model for bonding with others. This site offers terrific support for families as a whole within the forums. Lots of parents who popped in to do some quick research found friends here for life. The great news is that trichsters tend to be wonderful, supportive people and you can draw on the resources of the grown-up trichsters here, who have overcome their own pulling by pulling together.

You will be soooooo proud of that child of yours someday, and that pride won't change whether they overcome their pulling or they don't. You'll have the advantage of seeing the person within.

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You can read other parent's experiences with child hair pulling here :

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How can I help a child stop a body focused repetitive behaviour, such as hair pulling or skin picking?

1. If your child is under 9, we have a wonderful tool for helping children, the Flight to Freedom CD which tells a simple story with suggestions for the child to solve the problem for his or her self. This can be downloaded to the child's phone or mp3 player, or simply played while he or she sleeps. Proven to work in the majority of cases, if regularly repeated.

2. You can nominate a trusted adult to act as a coach with tuition from us. To do this, simply give us a call or use our contact form.

3. Finally, depending on the age and maturity of your child, they can have their own online coach to chart and cheer their progress, this so far has proven most successful in the long term, and we have coached children as young as four, who have not pulled or picked since coaching. Choose from Single Skype or Email session or Paced program

Neo (UK) and Leeanne (Canada) are the BFRB coaches qualified to work with small children and you can follow their bios on the team pages.

New Coaching Options Available - See The Full List Here