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Pulling your hair out doesn't have to be a way of life

More people than you might think pull hair from their scalp. We use any way we can to conceal it but it's really nothing to be ashamed of. By admitting your problem to yourself you can start to move forwards towards a pull-free way of life. It's a big challenge, but the rewards are endless and there is plenty of help and support available here to help you along the way.

Aren't you fed up of covering up, wasting hours pulling then spending longer styling your hair to try and hide the damage?

It's time to put all of that behind you now and start being the best YOU you can be.

Check out our tips and diet pages for ideas on how to stay pull free.

We also sell mp3 hypnotherapy downloads and our fiddle aid jewellery come with instructions on how to use them to retrain your urges.

Don't forget to also use the Forum for SUPPORT.

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