Trichotillomania Support Online

Volunteer with Trichotillomania Support

TSUK are a non-profit organization aiming to increase knowledge of body focused repetitive behaviors such as hair pulling, skin picking, social anxiety and related disorders. Our volunteers each have unique talents that help keep TSUK helping and furthering the online BFRB communities.

What can you do? Contact us and tells us your talents. We'll find a way to use your strengths to make the entire online BFRB Support Community stronger.

Send us an email using the contact links, or you can call us on the UK telephone number on our footer. We regret that we can't return calls made when our office is not manned. Please call within UK (GMT) office hours.

We particularly need volunteers to reply to messages on our introductions forum quickly. We are keen to support people to set up local groups. We are also looking for help to proof-read our website and translate into different languages.

Offers of technical help are always appreciated and whatever you're good at, we'll appreciate you and find a job suited to your skills.

Repeat aloud : Freedom from worldwide BFRB comes from a place which starts within ME!