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BFRB Research: the findings of Trichotillomania Support

We have collected data from over 34,000 people with Trichotillomania from all over the world, people of all ages and backgrounds. Our results have given us much insight into the disorder and how it affects people. Our main results are shown here, click each topic for a more detailed report of our findings. Please check back here regularly as we are continually updating this page with new research about hair pulling. If you are interested in carrying out a research project and would like any help or involvement from us; please contact us. We are always happy to help improve knowledge of trichotillomania in any way we can.

* You can also complete our mini trichotillomania surveys and see the results instantly.

Our Results So Far:

  • Gender: trichotillomania affects more women than men; the most commonly cited research is Christenson's study of 2,500 college students suggesting a ratio of 2 females to every 1 male hair puller. Our online survey showed just 1 in 10 trichsters who completed our questionnaire are male. There may be many reasons for this difference, such as it may affect more young males, men may be less likely to visit our site, or to complete our questionnaire.
  • Age of Onset: we found that the average age people start hair pulling is 12 years old
  • Most Common Triggers: stress, boredom, anxiety, watching TV, reading, sitting down, thinking, nerves. Read more detailed Info
  • Most Common Helpers: keeping busy, determination, doing something with my hands, being around people, moving about. Read more detailed Info
  • For survey results please click each individual survey here
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