stop skin picking

Derma-Barrier Protection Gloves

Have you tried endlessly to stop pulling out your eyelashes or biting your fingers? Skin picking and similar behaviors can be simply eradicated using our step by step guide.

Lighten your load with these comfy fitting, one size fits all (grown-ups) gloves. (Sorry, they don't yet come in children's sizes but phone us for alternative suggestions).

Having treated disorders like trichotillomania and dermatillomania (body focused repetitive behaviours or BFRBs) for many years, we feel that most people benefit from a barrier method (placing something between the hands and the danger zone), such as a breathable, soft cotton. Feel free to call us on 07910 114739 so we can explain that you are not alone. Our aim is your freedom from unwanted behaviors. We're here to show you how, providing not only the tools, but also the support.

Please rest assured that all proceeds from sale of the gloves go to maintaining the website and maintaining contact with everyone who contacts us for help.

Derma-barrier protection gloves can be worn at any time to help control unwanted pulling, nail and finger biting and, of course, picking behavior.

Many people find gloves are an excellent way to prevent BFRBs as they make contact more difficult from hand to hair, hand to mouth or hand to face, and bring the unwanted behavior into your conscious awareness.

A great preventative measure for those first few weeks of freedom.

We recommend their use while studying or reading, in particular, as a reminder of your personal goal of growth and freedom.

Every human being is destined for success. These tools can help clear the path so YOU can move forward.

If you are trying to encourage a teenager to stop picking, pulling or biting at themselves, offering them these derma protection gloves is a far less contentious move than saying "stop it."




Everybody has difficulty managing their behaviour at times. You are not alone. Call us anytime for help and advice.


Make the gloves your own with fabric paints.

One little girl wrote S T O P B I T I N G with a letter on each finger.

We wish P U L L F R E E D O M fitted as well.


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