Tricho­tillo­mania Support Online

Respectful treatment for trichotillomania, dermatillomania and other repetitive behaviors, comfortably, with easy paced email coaching

Body Focused Repetitive Disorders are not so hard to resolve.

Our paced program has been developed to monitor specifically repetitive behaviors such as hair pulling, skin picking, skin biting, lip picking and cheek biting. This specialist system has been successfully eliminating such behaviors for hundreds of people fpr over 8 years. During the year you will be emailed, exercise and rate the self recovery skills rated most highly by others, so they are proven to be effective. You will be supported by professionals who know how to help you stop now.

We have a number of tested techniques for you to rehearse and rate in your own relaxed environment.!

It is ok to think you cannot stop, that give us the chance to show you how we did..

Experience coaching conducted by a qualified coach who has stopped picking for a matter of years.

Stop breaking your nails or your hair and let us break down the journey to pull freedom into easy stages fior you. As this is a one year program, it allows you to develop a considerable level of communication with your coach.

Some people suffer setbacks and with this extra time we can help you to recover from them more speedily each time. Together, we can monitor your hormone levels as well as your feelings over a wide range of events.

Will we isolate the cause of your behaviour? Maybe, maybe not, because compulsions are usually caused by a combination of factors. What we will do is identify your personal triggers and set up a contingency plan to prevent picking.

Carrots, not sticks. We will encourage and reward you for meeting the targets you set for yourself, and with a bit of encouragement, we believe you'll be coaxed through that finish line of pick freedom.

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