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We need your help this Christmas like none ever before.  COVID has been extremely hard on small charities – please spare some cash to support the longevity of the Trichotillomania Support & awareness project.

Pull freedom for life IS achievable. Make an appointment for a video chat so we can explain more.

Read about people who have achieved permanent pull freedom and others who manage it on an ongoing basis.

Want to post about your own unique journey resisting pulling? We highly recommed this trichotillomania forum, unusual because it is not a pity party but a blueprint for recovery.

Realising that other people feel the same can have a motivating effect. Here we plan to list some links to other people’s blogs and vlogs (video logs). If you’d like to submit yours please contact us; we’re happy to support the trichotillomania community in any way we can.

Please also see our Facebook page and our Twitter page.

A Girl with Trich

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  1. This is a serious issue for me. Although I don’t eat my eyelashes, I definitely have a problem with pulling line and others eyelashes. I’m in therapy desperately seeking help. I need that aha moment that will be the reason for ke to give it up completely and forever. If someone knows of a sure way for me to stop, I’m all ears?
    Thank you

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