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We need your help this Christmas like none ever before.  COVID has been extremely hard on small charities – please spare some cash to support the longevity of the Trichotillomania Support & awareness project.

How do I help

It can be really difficult to tell someone you pull your toenails, hair or eyelashes out; so if your loved one has confided in you it’s a good sign that they really care about you. Repay the complement by showing them you understand and won’t judge.

Many people go through life without discussing pulling with their partners and family. If you suspect someone you care about is pulling their hair, maybe you could take the first step and mention it. You needn’t ask directly, but could mention you’ve seen this website, a magazine article or a program on TV.

Patience is an important tool for dealing with someone who has trichotillomania. Like any addiction, habit or negative behaviour, hair pulling and BFRBs are difficult to stop and relapses are common.

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