Hair pulling in teens:
Donna has been hair pulling since she was 12 or 13 years old

Hi my name is Donna. I am 19 years old.

I have been pulling my hair out since I was about 12/13 years old.

I started pulling my hair out after my family had a really bad experience. My cousin emotionally and physically abused my brother and 4 sisters, he also raped me but none of my family know about that. He picked on 1 of my sisters the most. He locked her in the freezer naked, put her out in the snow in just her pyjamas.

When my mom finally found out legal action was taken. But I blamed myself for what he did to my little brother and sisters. I was the oldest one there and I couldn’t stop him. So I started to pull my hair out.

I still pull my hair out now because of what happened and because my sisters argue with me. I think it’s because of what happened and because I didn’t stop him so they hate me for that. My mom and nan stress me out too so that makes me pull my hair out. Even when me and my boyfriend argue I get stressed and depression and I sometimes pull my hair out then.

My boyfriend is very kind and caring. He knows about my condition and what happened and he supports me. He is very helpful. When I get stressed or depressed I go to him for comfort. But sometimes he moans at me because I spend alot of time with him, but that’s only because he makes me feel better. All I want is love and attention, which is what he gives me, but not when he’s in a mood with me.