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We are the only UK charity for Trichotillomania and BFRBs.

Our services really can help you. Your donation CAN make a difference, to your hair and others' lives.

This site is committed to coaching and providing ongoing support and solutions for body focused repetitive behaviours. The majority of information and services on our website are provided to you free of charge.


Another way to support your site is to delve into our store: a crystal cove of hidden treasures where you can discover the secrets of staying one step ahead and let go of unwanted habits gently, with ease.

Your own worst enemy? Indulge yourself for a change, let self reward set YOU free. Reward literally is the only proven method of behavioural control. Follow our step-by-step instructions and reward yourself for all of your successes.

All proceeds to Trichotillomania Support

+44 7910 114 739 9am to 5pm GMT

Trichotillomania Support, Spada House, 20 Regent Close, London N12.

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Updated: Apr 2019. Review: Apr 2020.

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