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We need your help this Christmas like none ever before.  COVID has been extremely hard on small charities – please spare some cash to support the longevity of the Trichotillomania Support & awareness project.

Hypnotherapy has been used as a treatment for Trichotillomania for many years and individuals report that it can be highly effective for both adults and children. Hypnotherapy practitioners can usually be found in your area by simply searching online or using a directory, alternatively you could ask your doctor for a referral. Many hypnotherapists won’t have treated Trichotillomania before but can use their standard hypnotherapy technique and apply it to hair pulling. You may want to try a hypnotherapy CD or download designed specifically for prevention of hair pulling.

Trichotillomania Support are lucky to have a good relationship with a qualified hypnotherapist in Bournemouth (UK) who has recovered from Trich and Derm herself. She specialises in the treatments of BFRBs and understands the complexities of the disorder and how best to treat it in adults and children. To arrange hypnotherapy with her via video call.


I pulled out hair for over 20 years. Early last year I visited a hypnotherapist and have not pulled out a single hair in over 18 months. The habit of sifting through my hair remained but I have moved house and visited another hypnotherapist and this habit stopped after my first visit. I just regret not facing up to this habit earlier and wasting so much of my life with the problem. Anyway, better late than never. I am now completely free of the urge to touch or pull my hair and much happier as a result. Jane

Some people prefer to use hypnotherapy in the comfort of their own home using a CD or download that they can listen to each night to increase the results of repetition. We worked with a qualified hypnotherapist to design a number of CDs specifically to prevent hair pulling.

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