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Support for Male Hair Pullers: Jason's story

I started pulling in my twenties. I'm a firefighter and a few yrs ago I pulled out a dead 4 week old baby from a fire. I didn't realise it at the time, but this caused big problems for me because my baby brother died of cot death at four months old. I was seven at the time and blamed myself.

As a firefighter I've seen some ghastly sights but none as ghastly as the sight I used to see in the mirror. I hated myself and pulled my hair, beard and eyelashes in a frenzied attack on myself. I was so lonely and unhappy.

The fire service sent me for counselling because my self-hatred started to interfere with my work, but the counselling didn't get me anywhere and then I found this website.

That was after my GP sent me to a psychiatrist. I saw this wimpy bloke who kept me waiting two hours to give me a prescription I didn't take. The other people in the waiting room were dribbling and I am not kidding.

I came back to this website and noticed Trichnotherapy was 94% successful at the time, so I decided to go for it.

I don't know what I expected. I think I thought I'd have to go in to this big room and say "My name is Jason and I pull out my eyelashes and I pull out my hair". I was desperate so I just got out my credit card and checked out for Trichnotherapy. Deep down I thought I would be one of the 6% who do not succeed in becoming pull free.

Even when I did get to be pull free, I was a bit skeptical about whether it was a permanent cure so I decided to wait for a few months before posting my recommendation. I didn't want to put my name on the website either.

I haven't pulled for over a year now, since Trichnotherapy, I remind myself that I've been through hell and not only survived but help others survive also.

I know and trust the Trichnotherapy program enough to know that if I ever start pulling again I can just mail my coach and she will put me back on the straight and narrow. Without her I dont think I would be pull free today and certainly not about to get married. I was too shy even to have a girlfriend before this.

If you are in the waiting list, don't be afraid. Neo is gentle but direct and I dont think anyone could go thru her program and still pull at the end. You will enjoy the process of getting to know and understand yourslf and yr pulling process.

Trichnotherapy is not easy and sometimes Neo can be a downright bully but at the end of the day, job done: a pull free me :-)

Jason, pull free through Trichnotherapy

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