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Your Privacy

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy:

  • Privacy is our priority. We aim to provide a place where people can talk freely without fear
  • We respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address or contact details to anyone unless you request us to do so.
  • Should you request it, we will password our emails to you.
  • Some virus scanners flag our community pages as being related to a phishing site but we can assure you we're not and never have been!

How to protect your own privacy on our sites:

1. Select a different username from your general online username, so that people Googling you, for instance, will not come up with your posts on our site. Google's plan for the current year involves making searches more personal, which means using content from sites you post frequently on, as well as your contacts. If your username identifies you, contact us to request a change of username.

2. Delete anything you don't want to remain on the site. If it contains information which may help others, please copy it elsewhere without identifying details.

3. Do not surf drunk. We cannot emphasise this enough!

29th January is International Data Privacy Day, designed to develop awareness of data privacy protection.