Iris started pulling at 13

My name is Iris and I have trich.

I have suffered from trichotillomania at 13, when I started to decide to shave my eyebrows randomly and it was a downward spiral ever since. I then began pulling with my fingers, and also started pulling eyelashes. I also am an occassional scab picker.

The eyelash pulling only lasted so long, but the eyebrows remained forever. When I was around 18, I noticed my father chewed the hair off his arm. I’ve fought with pulling my eyebrows on and off for years, but nothing ever worked. It did get to the point where I’d have my first half of my eyelashes, closest to my nose, but nothing on the edges. Sometimes I’d become stressed and pull those off, but they’d come back in and I would only keep plucking the edges.

I now am 26 and still suffer, but not as much. I started to exercise and lose weight, and worked on handling on my anxiety. I think what helped me the most, though, was cutting my hair cut with bangs. When my hand met my hair, I’d feel it and withdraw my hand. I now also wear light makeup (BB cream), which I never wore before. Wearing that means if I touch my face, I will mess up my makeup, so that helps, too.

I don’t like medication, so I’ve never gone to a doctor about it. I think the best thing to do is to work on self-esteem and try to exert your energy another way. Keep trying things until something works for you. For me, it was the bangs and makeup, for the most case. Don’t be afraid to try different things, even if they sound too obvious or silly!