ri Trichotillomania Support and Treatment, One-Stop Service to stop you from Tricking Yourself

Tricho­tillo­mania Support Online

ONLINE COACHING: Specialist help for Trichotillomania.

Services tailored to you, by people in recovery, committed to helping you recover.

We believe that people can heal themselves, with knowledge they and only they have, deep down. Sometimes it takes someone else to help that information come to the surface.

You have talents and strengths which will enable you to overcome BFRBs

  • Single Session. Purchase an email or skype session with one of our coaches, so that you can decide which of our systems suit you or create your own pay as you go program.
  • Paced Program, where we can coach and monitor you, your pulling and your hormones for a whole year. Includes training in urge reduction techniques and relapse prevention.
  • Intensive Coaching 40 days and simple ways to help you to be the best you can be: which we believe is always pull free. The most successful and longest running online treatment for trichotillomania. Phenomenal success rate reported daily.
  • trichotillomania help

    trichotillomania help

  • Growth recording, an mp3 download to help with relaxation and resistance. Best suited to persons over the age of 16.
  • Other recordings including Clarity, which helps stop skin picking and Eyelash Growth to help stop eyelash pulling.
  • Flight to Freedom recording is suitable for children aged 8 and under.
  • Gloves: an effective physical barrier between your fingers and hair.
  • Store : Books, toys, supplements
  • Bracelet package, comes complete with instructions to motivate recovery.

Flight to Freedom is suitable for children aged 8 and under and the Growth recording is more suited to someone over 16.