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Trichotillomania Support

The support available here is second-to-none. Whether you're actively pulling or have become pull-free, you will find support and motivation here. Positivity is our priority. We believe YOU have the power, and not the condition.

Use these pages for motivation and tips. We're the experts on setbacks because we've learnt the hard way. Find encouragement here whether you're male, female, young or more mature. We have advice for scalp pullers, lash & brow pullers and more.

Trichotillomania Support are truly encouraging and rooting - not for that illusive right hair, but for Growth. We know pulling can cease because we've stopped it ourselves, not for days but for YEARS, and so can you.

It is never too late to be what you might have been...
Every new day is a chance to change your life.

Our pledge is the provision of a safe zone where people can confide, create, recover and discover using interactive, cutting-edge technology, the power to challenge and change beliefs and behaviours that may have previously lead to hair or eyelash pulling.

If you feel you need more personal support

we offer online coaching designed to help you become pull free

"It is important to face facts. TTM is a chronic, biologically-based problem-not a psychological problem. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or upbringing. You did not ask for it, and you didn’t cause it. It’s not your fault!...Having TTM doesn’t mean that you’re crazy, defective, or some kind of freak of nature. It does not represent some kind of weakness or failure of moral strength. It doesn’t happen to people who are somehow weaker than others or who are less deserving of decent lives. You are more than the sum total of the number of hairs on your body. If others in your society choose to judge you in that way, that is because of their ignorance and insensitivity, and is in no way a reflection upon you. No matter what, you can never be regarded as a defective human being merely because you pull your hair." Esteemed trichotillomania researcher Dr. Fred Penzel, from his book The Hair Pulling Problem.